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2018 – 2019 Summary Report

Duxbury FACTS continues to be a community resource for mental health and alcohol and substance misuse. FACTS works closely with the Duxbury Police Department Crisis Intervention Team, the Duxbury Public Schools, Duxbury Student Union and The Parent Connection to develop effective programs that fulfill our mission. This year, our programs emphasized mental health. FACTS welcomed several students from Duxbury High School to the Steering Committee this year and their input has been valuable. Karen Wong, the founder of Duxbury FACTS in 2015, has stepped down from the executive team but remains involved with FACTS in the community. We thank Karen for her leadership, and we are grateful to our stakeholders and to Pilgrim Church for supporting our mission.

Sue Bradford, Catherine Cullen, Neal Doherty, and Anne Ward

Executive Board


[Learn more about the community-wide programs that we have been working on this year]

Founded in 2015, the Duxbury coalition is made up of adult and teen volunteers providing a multi-pronged approach to address issues impacting youth health and wellness ranging from drug and alcohol prevention and treatment to suicide prevention and mental health promotion.  [Learn More]
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Social Norming Survey Results

In the winter of 2015 Duxbury FACTS surveyed parents and students on their perceptions of substance use and abuse within the student population. The results are compelling.  Take a look!