About Duxbury FACTS

Founded in 2015, the Duxbury coalition is made up of adult and teen volunteers providing a multi-pronged approach to address issues impacting youth health and wellness ranging from drug and alcohol prevention and treatment to suicide prevention and mental health promotion.


Duxbury FACTS operates under the umbrella of South Shore FACTS and South Shore Hospital’s Youth Health Connection. “FACTS” stands for Families, Adolescents, and Communities – Together against Substances.


Duxbury FACTS unites the Public Schools, Law Enforcement, Interfaith Council, Government and Legislators, the Duxbury Student Union, The Parent Connection, along with concerned citizens, parents, and teens.


For more information, or to join Duxbury FACTS, email info@duxburyfacts.org

Vision Statement

The broad based coalition seeks to reduce substance use by using environmentally based strategies including:

  • Implementing, enhancing, strengthening policies,
  • Increasing enforcement and/or increasing publicity of enforcement efforts,
  • Educating youth and adults,
  • Communication,
  • Collaboration,
  • Crisis intervention support and resources,
  • Early intervention, and
  • Providing alternative activities.

Increase awareness about mental health issues among youth and adults with a primary focus on reducing stigmas and addressing the pressures to succeed.


The success of this effort relies heavily on youth involvement, with a broad spectrum of community engagement from the 12 sectors including:

  • School representatives
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Parents
  • Youth
  • Faith and religious communities
  • Government agencies with expertise in substance abuse
  • Youth serving organizations
  • Civic and volunteer organizations
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Media
  • Other organization or individuals involved in reducing substance use.


The mission of Duxbury FACTS is to cultivate a community that supports and advocates for a healthy lifestyle, seeks to reduce alcohol and drug use and fosters mental wellness, primarily among youth and young adults, in an environment that is positive, inclusive and non-judgmental.