Leadership & Committees

Duxbury FACTS Executive Committee

Sue Bradford · Co-Chair
Catherine Cullen · Co-Chair
Karen Wong · Coordinator


DPD Chief, Matthew Clancy
Neal Doherty
Walt Gangl
Heather Grady
Tamika Perry
Coleen Slocum
Anne Ward

Duxbury FACTS Coalition

Duxbury FACTS Meeting Norms

  • We will be guided by our mission statement.
  • We will follow the agenda and scheduled meeting time and allow for comments and discussion as appropriate.
  • We will welcome and respect input from all participants and not interrupt when someone is speaking.
  • We will refrain from discussing personal situations or airing grievances about any stakeholder, group, or individual. Group business will be discussed in the group; private business will be conducted privately.
  • We will disagree without being disagreeable.
  • We will manage group work and monitor progress and outcomes.
  • We will ask “what’s possible?” and not “what’s wrong?”
  • We will respect every individual’s experience and expertise without judgement and value their commitment to our mission.
  • We will engage each others’ thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
  • We will express ourselves completely and concisely.
  • We will appreciate the sensitive nature of our discussions and refrain from repeating them outside of the meeting.

Committee Goals

Communication and Outreach

  • Promote FACTS events
  • Build awareness of FACTS and issues related to the coalition’s mission
  • Coordinate with regional organizations, institutions, and community groups
  • Maintain online presence
  • Continue to develop and implement social norming campaign
  • Bring in relevant speakers
  • Engage families with younger children
  • Joint events with other FACTS coalitions

Policy and Enforcement

  • Education and outreach around local and state policy initiatives
  • Safe Homes Initiative

Substance Abuse Prevention & Mental Wellbeing

  • Initiatives that promote mental wellbeing and prevent substance abuse
  • Initiatives that empower bystanders (e.g. Good Samaritan Law)
  • Develop initiatives for younger students

Funding & Administration

  • Establish and maintain 501c3 status
  • Write grants to secure funding

Community Representation

The Duxbury FACTS coalition is made up adult and teen volunteers providing a multi-pronged approach to address issues impacting youth health and wellness.


Committee and sub-committee chairs meet regularly to plan and execute programs to increase awareness about mental health issues among youth and adults with a primary focus on reducing stigmas and addressing the pressures to succeed. The success of this effort relies heavily on youth involvement, with a broad spectrum of community engagement from the 12 sectors including:

  • School representatives
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Parents
  • Youth
  • Faith and religious communities
  • Government agencies with expertise in substance abuse

  • Youth serving organizations
  • Civic and volunteer organizations
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Media
  • Other organization or individuals involved in reducing substance use.